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Soft and wearable robotics

We are developing technologies for safe, minimally restrictive human interaction like sensitized artificial skin, stretchable electronics, and prosthetic devices for assisted rehabilitation.

Robots that walk, run, jump, creep, roll and fly

Researchers design better controllers for stability, energy efficiency, fast locomotion, and flight. These robots can be used for inspecting infrastructure, aerial load transportation, and agricultural monitoring.

Micro- and nano-robotics

To fabricate magnetic microswimming robots assembled from DNA, bioinspired bots that walk on water, and microsurgical tools requires a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Medical robotics

Microrobots to navigate capillaries for drug delivery, non-invasive electronic tattoos for medical monitoring, and surgical training tools demonstrate ways to improve human health by blending biomedical and mechanical engineering with robotics.