Dear Friends,

As I write this column, College of Engineering staff are moving into Scott Hall. My colleagues in Biomedical Engineering, headed by Professor Yu-li Wang, are moving into the 3rd and 4th floor of the North Wing. This is the first time that the faculty and staff of this department are all in the same place and all on the main campus. My colleagues in the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation are moving into new space that provides labs for energy technology development and energy systems modeling, in addition to space for graduate students working in these areas. The Scott Institute, directed by President Emeritus Jared Cohon, provides a focal point for all energy research going on at Carnegie Mellon. The 6th floor houses the Engineering Research Accelerator, directed by Associate Dean for Research Burcu Akinci, where faculty research is incubated, accelerated, and assisted in getting external funding. The Arthur Ruge Atrium and the Rothberg’s Roasters Café will become a central gathering place for faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering and the university and is where many interdisciplinary collaborations for which CMU is famous will spawn.

Another important part of this new facility is the Claire and John Bertucci Nanotechnology Laboratory, which houses the 10,000 sq. ft. Eden Hall Cleanroom that will support a large number of faculty from across the college and university working on micro- and nanosystems research. This facility will become part of a much larger MakerEcosystem we are seeking to develop to support maker-based research and education in the College of Engineering. A strong maker culture and ecosystem can act as a multiplier for leveraging our physical making activities and help us to spread our intellectual and physical resources throughout the engineering departments, as well as across the university.

I sincerely thank all of the donors who helped to make Scott Hall a reality, especially Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott, Claire and John Bertucci, the Eden Hall Foundation, Dan, Karen and John Swanson, and the many others who donated to the various parts of the building. You have made a transformational gift to Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks! My colleagues and I will continue to raise funds to bring other parts of this larger MakerEcosystem concept to reality. The support of our alumni, corporate donors and local foundations is gratefully acknowledged as you all play a major role in keeping the Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering the cutting-edge and highly ranked education and research asset it is.



James H. Garrett Jr.

Dean, College of Engineering