3D X-ray tomography/microscopy has become a critical technique for visualizing and quantifying morphology in a variety of materials systems. As a non-destructive approach, it uniquely opens the door to repetitive imaging of the same sample as it undergoes some change, so-called “4D” or “time-lapse” imaging. This webinar will present a review of the state-of-the-science of 4D X-ray imaging, assessing the recent progress and opportunities in lab-based as well as synchrotron-based instruments, and spanning from the micron-scale to the nanometer regime. Examples will touch on research in engineering materials, electrochemical systems, and biomaterials.

The webinar is free but advance registration is required. Invite a colleague and join us!


  • Gianluca Tozzi, University of Portsmouth
  • Dula Parkinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source
  • Shawn Litster, Carnegie Mellon University
  • William Harris, Carl Zeiss Microscopy