Mechanical Engineering

Final Presentations for Quantitative Entrepreneurship: Analysis for New Technology Commercialization

May 04, 2020

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


You are invited to hear student teams present their analyses of the commercial viability of CMU technologies. This event brings together CMU faculty, staff, and students interested in technology commercialization to learn about CMU-related inventions, see assessments of commercial potential, and give students feedback on their work. 


This year, the products include:

  1. Electric vehicles with lithium ion manganese oxide battery cells (sponsor: Jay Whitacre, EPP & MSE)
  2. Additively manufactured motorcycles using binder-jetting for customizable and light-weight frames (sponsor: Sangjin Jung, MechE)
  3. Next generation power electronics for vehicles using silicon carbide devices (sponsor: Sarah Case, MechE)

Each team studies:

  1. Production: constructing a virtual model of a production facility that would be needed to manufacture the technology at volume, estimating the cost of production, and identifying opportunities to reduce cost; 
  2. Market: constructing a model of consumer choice behavior based on survey data, estimating willingness to pay for product attributes, and identifying opportunities to increase revenue; and 
  3. Viability: assessing the economic viability of commercializing the technology and identifying technical pathways to improving its competitiveness.

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