Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

Advancing a clean environment and clean energy: Lessons from the trenches and a look ahead

January 17, 2019

12:00 p.m. - 1:20 p.m.

5201 Scott Hall


Karl Hausker, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow
World Resourcs Institute

Kathleen McGinty, J.D.
Senior Vice President, Oceans
Environmental Defense Fund


McGinty will present on stories and strategies on tackling tough environmental challenges drawing from her experiences as Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Hausker will present on the division within the climate policy community between those who advocate 100% renewable pathways, and those who advocate a broader range of technologies, including nuclear and/or carbon capture (CCS) options in addition to renewables. He will explore strategies for bridging this divide to effectively address this toughest of environmental challenges.

Speaker bios

Dr. Karl Hausker is a senior fellow in the World Resources Institute Energy and Climate Programs, and a senior fellow at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, University of Pennsylvania. He leads analysis and modeling of climate mitigation, electricity market design, and the social cost of carbon. He led the Risky Business study of clean energy scenarios for the U.S. and lectures widely on deep decarbonization.
He has worked for three decades in the fields of climate change, energy, and the environment in a career that has spanned legislative and executive branches, research institutions, NGOs, and consulting. Hausker has led climate policy analysis and modeling projects for USAID, USEPA, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the Western Climate Initiative, and the California Air Resources Board. Much of his work has focused on the energy and transportation sectors, and on low carbon, climate resilient development strategies. Read more.
Kathleen A. “Katie” McGinty is a veteran policymaker, recognized environmental leader, and advocate for common-sense environmental solutions. In her role as senior vice president for the Oceans program, she leads a global team of scientists, lawyers, and advocates working to create thriving, resilient oceans.
McGinty, who served as deputy assistant to the president and chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, has deep expertise coordinating environmental policy while working with stakeholders on all sides to ensure the best possible outcomes for the environment and the economy. Read more.

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