Burcu Akinci

Director, Engineering Research Accelerator
Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
Paul Christiano Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: 6137 Scott Hall
Email: bakinci@cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.2959
Website: https://www.cmu.edu/cee/people/faculty/akinci.html


O. Burak Ozdoganlar

Associate Director, Engineering Research Accelerator
Ver Planck Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Office: 6141 Scott Hall
Email: ozdoganlar@cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.9890
Website: http://www.cmu.edu/me/people/ozdoganlar.html


Matthew Sanfilippo

Chief Partnership Officer
Office: 6139 Scott Hall
Email: mattsanf@cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.8859


Research Faculty

Phil Campbell

Research Professor
Email: pcampbel@cs.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.4126


Shawn Kelly

Senior Systems Scientist
Email: skkelly@cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.1841


Richard Koepsel

Senior Systems Scientist
Email: rkoepsel@andrew.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.6251


Hironobu Murata

Email: hiromura@andrew.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.3372


Alan Rosenbloom

Senior Researcher
Email: alan2@andrew.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.6430


Alan Russell

Highmark Distinguished Career Professor
Email: alanrussell@cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.9607


Nisha Shukla

Special Faculty
Email: nisha@andrew.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.4827


Asim Smailagic

Director - LINCS; Research Professor


Eswaran Subrahmanian

Research Professor
Email: sub@edrc.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.5221


John Wesner

Adjunct Fellow
Email: jwesner@andrew.cmu.edu
Phone: 412.268.2507



Administrative Staff

Alicia Angemeer

Broader Impacts Manager
Office: 6121 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.5227
Email: adbrown@andrew.cmu.edu


Rebecca Gray

Business Coordinator
Office: 6121 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.5215
Email: beccag@andrew.cmu.edu


Charles Matous

Computer Facilities Manager
Office: 6109 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.8777
Email: crm@andrew.cmu.edu


Elisabeth Udyawar

Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research and Chief Partnership Officer
Office: 6135 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.7221
Email: ebass@cmu.edu 


Research Administration 

Anita Connelly

Research Administrator
Office: 6111 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.6836
Email: anita@cmu.edu


Christine M. Gallagher

Assistant Business Manager
Office: 6125 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.1433
Email: cmgallag@andrew.cmu.edu


Rhonda Moyer

Director of Finance & Administration
Office: 6127 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.6410
Email: rm7q@andrew.cmu.edu


Sophie Park

Research Administrator
Office: 6111 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.9860
Email: sophiep@cmu.edu


Jacob Stempky

Research Administrator
Office: 6103 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.9950
Email: jstempky@andrew.cmu.edu


Lisa Vento

Research Administrator
Office: 6103 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.7890
Email: ventola@cmu.edu


Joel West

Research Administrator
Office: 6125 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.2505
Email: jwest@cmu.edu


Research Partnerships

Lenna Cominos

Director of Corporate Partnerships
Office: D203 Hamerschlag Hall
Phone: 412.268.7689
Email: cominos@andrew.cmu.edu


Sandra DeVincent Wolf

Associate Director for Research Partnership
Office: 6119 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.6461
Email: sandradevincentwolf@cmu.edu


Colleen Mantini

Program Manager
Office: 6123 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.5314
Email: cmantini@cmu.edu


Shane Shaneman

Director of Strategic Government and Research Engagement
Office: 6210 Scott Hall
Phone: 412.268.5652
Email: shane1@cmu.edu