Low temperature field-assisted materials processing for clean energy

The objective of this project is to develop a new low temperature, energy efficient manufacturing process for materials such as ceramic using electromagnetic fields. The simplest example is to consider the home microwave oven that can heat/cook food faster and at a fraction of the energy cost it takes for conventional (stove-top) cooking. In this project, we aim to evolve a fundamental understanding about the process by which these fields influence the structure and properties of these materials. The student will carry out experiments using an industrial grade microwave reactor system and characterize the materials using x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. The student also has the opportunity to build and test lithium-ion battery devices incorporating these devices. Successful students will get a chance to participate in workshops, prepare research manuscripts, and present results at the annual Materials Research Society (MRS) meeting in Boston. Additional details can be found here: http://jayanlab.com.