Crowd workers have proven to be effective for microtasks online. The core idea with Citysourcing is to use smartphones and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to help complete microtasks in the context of a city. These microtasks might include taking geotagged photos of objects ("take a picture of any defibrillators you see today"), answering objective questions about their current location ("how crowded is Starbucks on 9th street?" or "are the roads where you are snow plowed?"), answering subjective questions ("how safe did you feel on your recent trip to Times Square?"), and automatically tracking BLE beacons ("here are the beacon IDs for our city buses, the app will ping our server when you see any" or "here is the beacon ID for my dog, $25 reward if you hold him").

We have an early smartphone prototype, and are looking for 1-2 people with dev skills to help improve the app, construct the location history and user profile functionality, and build out a web site.

Ideal Skills: Some subset of Android programming, web programming, databases, crowdsourcing, interaction design.

Jason Hong - Human-Computer Interaction Institute