Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Why is the College of Engineering a Top Ten School?

Acclaimed Faculty

Acclaimed Faculty Our faculty's progressive research and dedicated teaching efforts have helped make the College of Engineering one of the top engineering schools in the country. Twenty-six members of the college's faculty have been inducted into the National Academy of Engineering. Our professors are hands-on educators in the classroom, in the lab, working directly with students. Their research is recognized and supported by such prestigious sources as the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Fellowships and Funding

Microscope Research is a driving force in the college for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. We offer our students challenging work, mentorship, and funding. Review a list of our research centers.

For qualified candidates in the college's doctoral programs, the Dean's Fellowship covers tuition and provides a monthly stipend in addition to the fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistance programs available through department programs. Additional support is offered by the university's Fellowships & Scholarships Office.

The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) provides grants for student projects, as well as stipends for presentations at approved conferences. Each year the URO hosts a symposium for student research, with hundreds of submissions ranging from robotics to geomapping to alternative fuel analysis.


Innovation Management

Innovation Management To foster, encourage, drive, and manage innovation is a highly desirable skillset, particularly in the current global economy. It is our culture to challenge the norm—professors and students alike are passionate in the fields they choose to pursue. We value entrepreneurship and creative thinking, so we offer opportunities for engineering students to develop those capabilities. We offer an accelerated master's program in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management and, as part of the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal program, a dual Ph.D. program in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship.


Industrial Partnerships

Industrial Partnerships Our top-ranked educational programs are complemented by industrial collaborations that encourage students to participate in cutting-edge research projects. Working with firms like General Motors, Sony, IBM, Google, and BP, we bring companies and students together, helping to build relationships and real-world solutions. Our graduates are highly desirable and successful in industry and academia and are well prepared to assume leadership roles in organizations that demand smart, creative, and well-trained professionals.


Multicultural Perspective

Multicultural Perspective The College of Engineering has a well-earned reputation of innovation through collaboration—not only across disciplines, but across cultures as well. A diverse collection of people can attack a problem from all angles, proffering many different solutions. Even after graduation, students continue to appreciate differences and gain insight from people with different backgrounds and perspectives. They go on to enhance the quality of life not just by engineering solutions to society's challenges, but by participating as citizens of local, national, and international communities.


International Study

International Study The College of Engineering is a global college. We are preparing our undergraduate and graduate students to be leaders in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments. With affiliated research and educational programs in Greece, Japan, and Portugal, the college presents many global opportunities. The Information and Communication Technologies Institute, as part of the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal program, offers many graduate degree programs and dual Ph.D. programs, splitting students' time between Carnegie Mellon and a partnering Portuguese university. Carnegie Mellon's Office of International Education also works to facilitate study abroad and acts as a liaison to the university for foreign students, researchers, and professors.