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Regional Initiatives

Southwestern Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to be a leader in metals additive manufacturing (AM) because of the region’s knowledge, research, and decades of experience in this field. The NextManufacturing Center is working closely with regional industry leaders to revolutionize AM: optimizing design, materials selection, process parameters, software, final part inspection, and qualification. The center is working to enable wide-spread adoption of AM technology by making the process less expensive and more easily scalable for production.

Because additive manufacturing is a fast-moving technology, the region must be nimble in order to take advantage of the economic growth that can come from being a leader in this field. With more than 20 faculty members from across disciplines at Carnegie Mellon, the NextManufacturing Center is keeping Southwestern Pennsylvania at the forefront of this field by researching the interrelated technical, cost, and design issues of AM.    


Regional Collaborations

Southwestern PA is home to many of the nation’s metals producers, powder suppliers, manufacturers and software developers, including:

Additive Manufacturing Industry Event


Economic Development

The NextManufacturing Center has built a strong partnership with Catalyst Connection, a non-profit economic development organization focused on working with small and mid-size manufacturers in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

NextManufacturing Center faculty presented at the first annual Additive Manufacturing for Small Manufacturers Conference on October 1, 2015.

Watch Jack Beuth and Thomas Bloom of Catalyst Connection talk about the future of additive manufacturing in Southwestern Pennsylvania on WPXI’s “Our Region’s Business.”


AM Equipment and Training

The NextManufacturing Center invites industry partners to rent time in its advanced manufacturing laboratory. Training is also available for all of the AM equipment. For more information on available equipment and pricing, please visit the advanced manufacturing laboratory website.