Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Center for Advanced Process Decision-Making Overview 

The Center for Advanced Process Decision-Making is engaged in process systems engineering research for the process industries. Our faculty are developing revolutionary advanced computer-based techniques for use in:

  • Process synthesis

  • Process optimization

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Process control, safety, and reliability

  • Data analytics


Research Goals

  • Understand and aid complex design and operation issues faced by industry

  • Develop and advance modeling and solution methods for process systems engineering


Research Areas


  • Solution of very large-scale systems of equations

  • Large scale nonlinear programming

  • Mixed-integer optimization

  • Logic based optimization

  • Global optimization

  • Dynamic optimization



  • Synthesis of reaction networks

  • Complex separation systems

  • Heat integration networks

  • Integrated process flowsheets

  • Optimal design of batch processes



  • Flexible designs for multiperiod operation

  • Planning and scheduling of batch and continuous processes

  • Supply chain dynamics and optimization

  • Planning for new product development

  • Logic verification of processes

  • Thermodynamic based process control information modeling