Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Steven J. Fenves Award for Systems Research

The Steven J. Fenves Award for Systems Research will be presented to one or more individuals within Carnegie Mellon every year who have made a significant contribution to systems research in areas relevant to ICES. The award will consist of a plaque and a gold medal or $1,500. This will be given individually to all awardees in the event that there is more than one award in any year. The award is to be presented annually (if appropriate), but no less than once every two years.


All teaching and research faculty and research staff who have at least a courtesy appointment in the College of Engineering and who are involved in a College of Engineering-related research agenda. For purposes of this award, a nominee will be considered to have a courtesy appointment in the College of Engineering if he/she has a courtesy appointment in the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES) or in any one of the academic departments within the College of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy, Material Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering).


The basis for selection will be the degree to which the nominee has made significant contribution to systems research in areas relevant to ICES, as evidenced by one or more of the following:

  • furthering the goal of interconnecting people, physical, and information,

  • development and demonstration of an engineered system,

  • enhancing education in systems through the development of courses, publishing textbooks (paper or electronic), or a body of knowledge that is of pedagogical importance, and

  • causing a paradigm shift in systems research.

Any Carnegie Mellon faculty member may nominate qualified individuals for this award. Nominations for the award can be submitted to the director of ICES by the deadline. Documentation to support the nomination should include:

  • a citation of less than 100 words,

  • one page justification of the nomination,

  • current copy of the nominee's resume,

  • letters of reference from at least two but no more than five people, and

  • other optional material that the nominator may consider appropriate.


This is a College of Engineering award that is administered through ICES. The selection committee will consist of the following individuals: dean of the College of Engineering, director of ICES, and at least two other senior faculty members identified by the dean and ICES director and appointed annually. All College of Engineering awards will be announced at the Annual College of Engineering Awards Banquet.