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Energy Week to focus on innovation, workforce, and culture

Energy Week to focus on innovation, workforce, and culture

Carnegie Mellon University boasts more than 130 energy experts—many of whom will tackle issues facing all of us as part of Energy Week, March 27-31. Continue Reading...

Graduate Studies

Our approach to graduate studies is decentralized. The departments develop and manage their own degree programs and admission processes. Most departments offer a course-based M.S. program as well as research-based M.S. options and Ph.D. programs. Our culture encourages collaboration in education and research across disciplines, departments and colleges within Carnegie Mellon.

Graduate Studies are coordinated at the department level. Contact the relevant graduate coordinator.


Multidisciplinary Programs

In addition to graduate degrees in the traditional disciplines, the College of Engineering offers the following interdisciplinary programs:


International Studies

If you are pursuing graduate studies outside of the US, we can offer options for a Carnegie Mellon degree. Through distance learning technologies and partnerships with local governments and academia, our students are located around the world. Learn where our programs are located.


Graduate Student Resources