Carnegie Mellon Engineering

2014 Events

January 28EPP Seminar: Integrating high levels of distributed PV in bulk system operations
December 23The Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Meetup Group Monthly Meetup
December 13So You Think You Can Program: The Search for Rwanda's Best Programmer
December 11Energy for the Power of 32: 32 Counties, 4 States, 1 Energy Future
December 10EPP Seminar: The Social Cost of Carbon and other GHGs
December 10Bridging the Valley of Death: Successfully Moving Energy Breakthroughs from Lab to Market
December 10Reading Day
December 8CEDM Seminar: Rick Larrick
December 8IBM Day
December 5MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Li
December 5Innovating for Competitive Advantage: Edible Electronics
December 5MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Nitin Samarth
December 4Improv for Engineers
December 4Unstable Majorities, Party Sorting, and the 2014 American Electorate
December 4Dance of the Furies: Why What We Think About 1914 Is Wrong
December 3POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Incarceration in the US: Some Difficult Dilemmas—A Discussion with Al Blumstein
December 3Town Hall Meeting to update the Campus community on the Heinz College Expansion Project
December 3Is College Education a Good Investment?
December 2BME Seminar: Andres Garcia
December 1CyLab Seminar: Shi
December 1CEDM Seminar: Rob Axtell
November 21MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Takayama
November 21A Case for Innovation
November 21MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Katsuyo Thornton
November 20Startup Job Fair
November 19Communicating Data to Non-Experts
November 19Opportunities and Challenges in Graduate Research and Education
November 19Workday Coffee Break
November 18BME Seminar: Larry Miller
November 18Victory Has a Thousand Fathers: Sources of Success in Counterinsurgency
November 18Living in a Material World
November 17Empowerment Ethics: How Ethics is more like Science than You Think
November 17 – November 21Global Entrepreneurship Week @ Carnegie Mellon
November 15Engineers Without Borders Annual Gala
November 15Young Adult (YA) Lecture Series: Keeping it (Un)Real
November 14Dowd Fellows Research Seminar
November 14MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Shao
November 14MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Lin Shao
November 14CEE Seminar: Sarina J. Ergas
November 12EPP Seminar: The convergence of EE and DR; business, regulatory and customer implications
November 11BME Seminar: Joyce Wong
November 11Lighting Up the Dark: Where is the Dark Matter?
November 11ChemE Seminar: Madura
November 10Creating Scientific and Research Posters
November 10CyLab Seminar: Smith
November 10CEDM Seminar: Jennie Rheuban
November 7Speaking for Earth: Carl Sagan's Scientific Spirituality
November 7Latin American Lecture Series: Alvaro Flores
November 7MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Bergbreiter
November 7MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Xiuling Li
November 7Ford Day at Carnegie Mellon
November 7 – November 8Smart Tag App Hackathon Powered by AT&T
November 5SoArch Fall 2014 Lecture Series: Lisa Heschong
November 5Fraunhofer Fellowship Opportunities Info Session
November 5Benefits and Fitness Fair
November 3CyLab Seminar: Perrig
November 3CEDM Seminar: Francisco de la Chesnaye
October 31CIE: Art of the Pitch
October 31MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Darren Lipomi
October 30CIE Smart Start: Protecting Your Company's IP
October 30CyLab Seminar: Herley
October 29The Challenge of Openness and Transparency in Scholarly Communication
October 29CIE: Agile Product Development
October 28BME Seminar: Paula Foster
October 28ChemE Seminar: Hickner
October 27SoArch Fall 2014 Lecture Series: John Kriken
October 27MAKING MONEY: Cryptocurrencies, Technologies of Trust, and a Decentralized Future
October 27CEDM Seminar: William Chernicoff
October 26 – October 29Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Annual Conference and Expo
October 24MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Chiang
October 24MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Gebrand Ceder
October 22Culture Change in Academia: Making Sharing the New Norm
October 21BME Seminar: Michael Modo
October 21ChemE Seminar: Panzer
October 21 – October 2312th Annual Executive Women's Forum National Conference
October 20Between Nature and Architecture
October 20A Panel Discussion on the 2014 Nobel Prizes with MCS Faculty
October 20EPP Seminar: Co-Optimizations of Natural Gas and Power Sectors with Public Policy and Institutional Reform
October 20CyLab Seminar: Bauer
October 20 – October 26Open Access Week 2014
October 18Know Your GMOs
October 17 – January 1Mid-Semester Break; No Classes
October 16CIE Smart Start: Raising Capital
October 16ChemE Seminar: Anseth
October 15CIE: Splitting the Equity Pie
October 15Special Guest from CMU Board of Trustees
October 14Building a More Resilient Pittsburgh: A Community Forum on Climate Challenges and Opportunities
October 14BME Seminar: Dr. Stephen Dria
October 13Innovation & Entrepreneurship Information Session
October 13ECE Seminar: Subversive Innovation
October 13Staff Council Ice Cream Social
October 102014 Alumni Distinguished Achievement Honoree Lecture: John Maxwell Cohn
October 10John and Mary Lou Lehoczky Lecture Series in the Humanities and Social Sciences: David Souter
October 10MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Alexandra Navrotsky
October 10CEE Seminar: Dispersion Engineering with Metamaterials
October 9CIE Start Smart: How to Shop for a Lawyer
October 9ECE Seminar: Foundations for Full-duplex Wireless Networks
October 8CIE: Financial Modeling
October 8CEIC Seminar: Parfomak
October 8EPP Seminar: Recent Issues in Electric Grid Physical Security
October 7United States Central Command’s Strategic Role in Our Nation’s Defense
October 7How Even Skeptics Can Be Fooled
October 7Faculty Special Interest Group (SIG)
October 7EPP Seminar: Chickens and Gallium
October 7 – October 8CyLab Partners Conference
October 6Nash Lecture in Quantitative Finance
October 6Learning Language the Meandering Way: Three Instances to Ponder
October 5BME Annual Welcome Party
October 3MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series
October 3MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Jan Miller
October 3CIE: Fundraising for Entrepreneurs
October 3LaunchCMU: A Startup and Research Showcase
October 2Designing Effective Powerpoint Presentations
October 2ChemE Seminar: Kotov
October 2ChemE Seminar: Layered Biomimetic Nanocomposites: From Materials Design to Scalable Nanotechnology
October 1CIE: The Lean Startup
October 1Innovation Palooza
September 30Faculty Special Interest Group (SIG)
September 30Coup-proofing and Military Inefficiencies: An Experiment
September 30National Engineering Forum Meet-Up
September 30Boeing Job Fair
September 29Boeing Information Session
September 29BME Workshop: Apply Successfully to Top Ph.D. Programs
September 29CyLab Seminar: Christakis
September 29CyLab Seminar: Narrowing the Gap Between Verification and Systematic Testing
September 26CIE: Dos & Don’ts of Student Business Teams
September 26MechE Fall 2014 Seminar Speaker Series: Pitchumani
September 26MSE Graduate Seminar Series
September 26CEE Seminar: Predictive Modeling of Failure in Ductile Materials
September 25 – September 29Apple - iOS App Challenge
September 24ICES Seminar Series: Brenda Dietrich
September 23Faculty Special Interest Group (SIG)
September 23BME Seminar Series: Alan Koretsky
September 23ChemE Seminar: You
September 23ChemE Seminar: Mixed-Integer Fractional Programming
September 22Scott Institute Seed Grant Symposium and Reception
September 22CyLab Seminar: Simplifying Middlebox Policy Enforcement Using SDN
September 20Faculty Special Interest Group (SIG)
September 192014 Pittsburgh Biennial Miller Gallery Reception and Talk
September 19CIT Pride Day
September 19MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Olle Heinonen
September 18CIE: Start Smart
September 18Workshop on Team Communication
September 17Carnegie Mellon Constitution Day Celebration
September 16Designing Effective Powerpoint Presentations
September 16ChemE Seminar: Tucker
September 15CyLab Seminar: Trends and Concerns in Enterprise Information Security
September 15 – September 17Technical Opportunities Conference
September 15Glamour Magazine's "Top 10 College Women" Contest Deadline
September 12MSE Graduate Seminar Series: Professor Gregory Rohrer
September 12CIE: How to Evaluate Whether an Idea is a Good One
September 12CEE Seminar: Career Development and Job Hunting Tips
September 11Decolonizing the Ear: The Reverberations of Vernacular Musics in the Era of Electrical Recording
September 119/11 Anniversary - Moments of Remembrance
September 10CMU-SV Seminar: Knuth
September 10CMU-SV: All Questions Answered
September 10CEIC Seminar: Maley
September 8CyLab Seminar: A Primer on Cyber Threat Intelligence
September 6CIE: Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
September 4Washington Speaker Series
September 4ChemE Seminar: Sykes
August 28CMU-SV Seminar: Koopman
August 26Brain | Computing | Behavior
August 25University Lecture Series: Senapathy "Kris" Gopalakrishnan
August 25Semester Classes Begin
August 10CMU-SV Graduation
August 9CMU-SV Annual Tech Showcase and Alumni Reception
August 7 – August 10Def Con 22
August 2 – August 7Black Hat USA
July 31 – August 1Trends in Non-Linear Analysis 2014
July 21QER Public Meeting: Natural Gas: Transmission, Storage, and Distribution
July 18Mckinsey & Company Information Session
July 10 – July 113D Microstructure Workshop
July 9 – July 11Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security
July 8 – July 11LARSyS Summer School
July 3 – July 10Visum 2014: Second VISion Understanding and Machine intelligence Summer School
June 30 – July 4TAROT 2014
June 27Workshop on the Future of Privacy Notice and Choice
June 24CMU-SV Seminar: Kempf
June 23 – June 252014 Technology, Management and Policy Graduate Consortium
June 17 – June 19EBSD 2014
June 13CMU-SV Design Challenge Workshop
June 9Creating a Computer Security Incident Response Team
June 5LaunchCMU Silicon Valley
June 2 – June 39th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems
May 27CMU-SV Seminar: Turhan
May 22CIRC Technical Review
May 20AlphaLab and AlphaLab Gear Joint Demo Day
May 19 – May 21Managing Enterprise Information Security: A Practical Approach for Achieving Defense-in-Depth
May 18INI Diploma Ceremony & Reception
May 18Commencement
May 15ECE Senior & IMB Graduation Dinner
May 15JIE Faculty Candidate Seminar: Dr. Lining Zhang
May 14GOINI Picnic
May 9Information Networking Institute Alumnus Booksigning
May 9SII Symposium
May 7Meeting of the Minds
May 7Reading Day
May 6Senior Mechanical Engineering Design Expo
May 5Inventive Problem Solving Showcase Showdown
May 5The Status and Future of PV Solar Power
May 2CEE Seminar: John Bares
May 2MSE Seminar: Clive
May 2Last Day of Classes
May 1ECE Seminar: Delfyett
May 1SocioPhone: Mobile interaction sensing system and its applications
April 30 – April 30Distinguished Lecture Series: Kruchten
April 29Calling All Hardware Startups Info Night
April 29BME Seminar: Washburn
April 28CyLab Seminar: Acquisti
April 25Beyond National and Racial Boundaries: The Korean Experience in Osaka and the African American Experience in Chicago, 1920-1945
April 25CONNECTS: Do It Right The First Time
April 25MSE Seminar: Cao
April 24ECE Seminar: Olsausen
April 22BME Seminar: Dong
April 222014 Steinbrenner Institute Environmental Expo and Poster Session
April 22Celebration of Education Awards Program
April 21Crossing Boundaries, Transforming Lives: Mapping the Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences
April 21CyLab Seminar: Christin
April 21 – April 25Fall 2014 Registration Week
April 18MSE Seminar: Navrotsky
April 17Private Investment: A Case Study
April 17ECE Seminar: Judy
April 17The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future
April 15Elemental Film Screening from Sustainable Earth & Engineers Without Borders
April 15BME Seminar: Pautler
April 15Working with Technology
April 15ChemE Seminar: Anderson
April 15Undergraduate Innovation Scholar Program
April 14Context and Connections: The Work of Hugh Broughton Architects
April 14CyLab Seminar: Hong
April 12BME Alumni Reception
April 12Carnival West
April 11Larry Cartwright Celebration
April 11Naming the University Center for Jared L. Cohon
April 11 – April 12Women in Cybersecurity Conference
April 10Olympus Spring Carnival Show&Tell 18
April 10 – April 12Spring Carnival; No Classes
April 9Silicon Valley Distinguished Lecture
April 8BME Seminar: Kraitchman
April 8ECE Seminar: CaPS Talks about Stress
April 8Bad Governance is Good Politics
April 8ChemE Seminar: Martin
April 7 – April 3ECE Seminar: Pan
April 7CyLab Seminar: TBA
April 7Special Seminar: Recent Advances and Challenges of Chemical Process Metallurgy
April 5Moving 4th Into Engineering
April 4CEE Seminar: Pozzi
April 4MSE Seminar: Demkowicz
April 3Stress Free in ECE: Comedy/ Improv Show
April 3ECE Seminar: Hedman
April 3Unlikely Ripple Effects: How Constructing a Rural Water System Transformed the Built Environment of New York City
April 3Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting
April 3Eberly Center Series: Spotlight on Innovative CMU Faculty Teaching with Larry Cartwright
April 3Education Reimagined
April 3KGSB Operations/Decision Sciences Current Topics Seminar: Comparisons of Ticket and Standard Queues
April 1The Science of Fiction
April 1BME Seminar: Angelaki
April 1Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting
April 1ChemE Seminar: Ford
March 31CMU’S 8th Annual Margaret Morrison Distinguished Lecture in Women’s History
March 31Scott Hall Town Hall Meeting
March 31CyLab Seminar: TBA
March 31Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting
March 312013 IBM Scientific Award
March 28CEE Seminar: Lipton
March 27CONNECTS: Profit with a Purpose
March 27Designing Scientific Posters
March 27ECE Seminar: Edelstein
March 27Careereco Virtual Career and Grad School Fair
March 26What is Innovation...Really?
March 26 – March 30National Society for Black Engineers Conference
March 25BME Seminar: Yu
March 25ChemE Seminar: Cassassa Lecture, Berg
March 24Future of Cyber Security & Global Journalism Panel
March 24Anonymous and the Craftiness of Craft and the Trickiness of Trickery
March 24Lean In: A C-Level Perspective from Women in Technology
March 24CyLab Seminar: Dennedy
March 24 – March 28MAP-i Spring School on Logic of Dynamical Systems
March 21AEESP Distinguished Lecture
March 21MSE Seminar: Crimp
March 21Open House for Accepted Students
March 20Startup Personnel: Employees, Contractors, Interns, Volunteers
March 20ECE Seminar: Gansterer
March 20Splitting the Equity Pie
March 20 – April 52014 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival: Goodman Faces of Work
March 18BME Seminar: Ethier
March 17Q&A on Engineer in Training (EIT) and Professional Engineer (PE) Certifications
March 17CyLab Seminar: Telang
March 17Secrets of Social Media
March 14Reinventing Travel Essay Contest
March 13SM Virtual Info Session
March 13CMU-SV Career Fair 2014
March 12Invitation to Alumni: RWE Welcoming Reception
March 11 – March 15CMU Connect Bay Area
March 10 – March 14Spring Break; No Classes
March 7Graduate Symposium
March 6Washington Speaker Series
March 6Eberly Center Series: Spotlight on Innovative CMU Faculty Teaching with Jelena Kovacevic
March 5SM Info Meeting
March 5Smart Cities International Exhibition
March 4SASE and Alphalab Gear Present: From Engineer to Entrepreneur
March 4BME Seminar: Schmidt
March 3CyLab Seminar: TBA
March 3CONNECTS: Building and Growing an Entrepreneurial Team
February 28CEE Seminar: Marr
February 28Pollution and Politics Around Post-WWII Atlanta: The Long Shadow of Underdevelopment
February 28The Long Shadow of Underdevelopment: Pollution and Politics in Post-WWII Atlanta
February 28MSE Seminar: LeBeau
February 27SM Virtual Info Session
February 27Building Global Innovators: 4th Ed. Finalists celebration at Grand Finale
February 27Social Event for Assistant Professors in Science, Computer Science, and Engineering
February 27Divas, Darlings, and Dames: Women in Broadway Musicals of the 1960’s
February 26 – February 18BME Seminar: Angelini
February 26The Economics of Bitcoin
February 25ChemE Seminar: Segalman
February 24Capital One Tech Talk 2/24
February 24CyLab Seminar: TBA
February 24 – February 28RSA Conference
February 21SWE CIT Ball: James Bond
February 21Dark Reflections of Power: Black Performance Culture and the End of Subversion
February 21Crossing Boundaries, Transforming Lives: Exploring Health, Discovering Wellness
February 21MSE Seminar: Stroud
February 20SWE Tesla Tech Talk
February 20SM Info Meeting
February 20Exxon Mobil Talk
February 20SASE Tesla Information Session
February 20Goldman Sachs Talk: Engineering Your Career
February 19Northrop Grumman Information Session
February 18BME Seminar: Leong
February 18SWE E-Week: Accenture Talk
February 18ChemE Seminar: Matyjaszewski
February 17CyLab Seminar: TBA
February 17 – April 1Max Tech and Beyond Design Competition
February $100K Launch Day
February 14CONNECTS Series: Creative Entrepreneurship
February 14CMU Portugal Program: Fostering Cooperation Between Portugal and the United States in ICT
February 14MSE Seminar: Farmer
February 14 – February 15National Engineers Week
February 13Team Communication
February 13Environmental History Lecture
February 12IEEE Women In Engineering Seminar:Trade-offs in Climate Mitigation Strategies
February 12Distinguished Lecture Series: Ticky Thakkar
February 12CONNECTS Series: Financial Modeling
February 12Convocation: Reflections on Leadership in the Public and Private Sectors
February 11BME Seminar: Liu
February 11T-SET Faculty Seminar Series
February 10CyLab Seminar: Burgess
February 10CONNECTS Series: Benefits and Perils of Using Open-Source Code
February 7CEE Seminar: Sheane
February 7Grand Strategy in Theory and Practice
February 7Energy Career Symposium
February 7MSE Seminar: Balsara
February 7BME Ph.D. Student Open House
February 6Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations
February 6Eberly Center Series: Spotlight on Innovative CMU Faculty Teaching with Jim Antaki
February 4Growing Cities: A Film About Urban Farming in America
February 4BME Seminar: Crombie
February 4CANCELLED: Bad Governance is Good Politics
February 4 – February 5Spring 2014 Employment Opportunities Conference
February 4ChemE Seminar: Yablonsky
February 3Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy Presents: Gary Paul Nabhan
February 3Dickson Prize Ceremony and Lecture
February 3CyLab Seminar: Tague
January 31CEE Seminar: Grossmann
January 31Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education
January 31MSE Seminar: Tsymbal
January 30Explaining Local Intensity in Intrastate Conflict: Why Mechanisms Matter
January 29Data Privacy Day
January 28BME Seminar: Bettinger
January 28ChemE Seminar: Carmichael
January 282014 Future Cities Conference: Porto Living the Lab
January 27CyLab Seminar: TBA
January 24WinECE Spring Welcome Dinner
January 24CEE/MSE Seminar: Schuh
January 23Technology Exhibition: INESC TEC Health Open Day
January 23James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Presents Matt Rogers
January 21BME Seminar: Zaman
January 20Martin Luther King Day: No Classes After 12:30 p.m
January 17 – January 17GOINI Winter Masquerade
January 13Semester Classes Begin
January 10Digital Measures Training
March 19Summer 2014 Registration Begins
March 7Mid-Semester Break; No Classes
January 20CyLab Seminar: Juels